School Fees Project - Midland Grain Growers and Kinnitty Parish

Our charity in Zambia receives very generous support from Midland Grain Growers and the people of Kinnitty Parish in Co. Offaly. Collection of monies among these groups is coordinated by Ger Coughlan at harvest time of each year. A total of €15,000 was donated by this group in 2012 and another €10,000 in March 2014. A further €10,000 is promised in December 2014. This money subsidises school fees throughout a wide catchment area, which includes Zimba, Fumbo, Kasiya, Pemba, Mazunka, Linda and Choma. The support of these groups enables countless orphaned and vulnerable Zambian children to access education. Education is vital to ensuring a brighter future for these children and for Zambia. The educational and social benefits of education will empower them for generations.

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