Touching the Lives of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia

Childrens Stories and Experiences

In the interest of child protection and in keeping with our internet policy, locations and names of children have not been included below.

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Here (in the picture above) are some of the children who are being supported in Zambia.

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I am in grade 4 and am 13 years old. I can’t remember my father and mothers face. I stay with my uncle. I need help to complete school; I want to be a policeman. I feel sad and I miss my parents, but I am happy to eat at school. Please help me with school shoes and uniforms.

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I am in grade 3, I am 8 years old. I stay with mum, daddy died when I was a baby. I miss daddy. I thank you for OVO that I learn. I want to work to help my mother and brothers. Please help me with my mother, please! Please!

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I am 9 years . I am in grade 3. I like to be at school because I play with friends. I do a lot of work at home in order to have something to eat with my mother, brothers and sisters. I always feel tired. I miss my father. I like my teacher. I want to be happy and be a teacher. Help me please and God will bless you.

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I stay with my grandmother. I am in grade 4 and am 12 years old. My father and mother died. I don’t know them. My auntie stay with me help me to get school uniforms and book, food, shoes.

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I miss my father very much, I don’t know his face. My mother has no enough food to feed us to eat and go to school. I am in grade 3 and am 9 years. I want some clothes, food and books. Thank you.

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I am 12 years old, in grade 6. I love school because I eat and learn. I need help. My grandmother is too old to work. Orphans and Vulnerable Organizations (OVO) help us with some food and help us finish school please.

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I am in grade 1. I am 7 years. My friends talk of their father and mother, but I don’t know mine. I stay with my friends mother. I want school uniforms, shoes and food at home.

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I want to be a pilot, I am in grade 6. I stay with my father, my step mother makes me work all the time. At times I don’t go to school. My mother died when I was young. Help me with my school, am happy at school. I want to learn and be a teacher.

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My grandmother left me and my brother alone. Orphans and Vulnerable Organizations (OVO) took me to school. I am in grade 6 and my brother is in grade 3. father and mother died of HIV AIDS. Sr. Macrina helps us with food and took us to school. Most of the times we stay alone, no house of our own we just stay with neighbours. We cook for ourselves and go to school. Help us with food, clothes , books and house.

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Orphan working hard in the hot sun in the garden in order to get vegetables tec.

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Sr. Macrina Lyaunda, a member of Orphans and Vulnerable Organization (OVO) giving food to children. See what she has to say below:

'I am a Headmistress of the Mwapona National School. It has 655 orphaned and vulnerable children. The OVO’s Managing Director, Fr. Michael Walsh, through the help of well wishers, friends and relatives, gives $ 6000 per year to give these children one meal three times a week. The OVO also contributes towards school fees for some of these children. It is impossible to feed all of the children from that amount. Therefore, we have concentrated on giving food to homes where there are no adult carers and also to children who live with their grandparents or other relatives. The OVO has seven other centres where orphans are supported. That brings the total number to in excess of 1000 orphaned children. Even so, 100 children who have no surviving parent are on a waiting list for assistance with school fees.

Be a partner and a friend of Orphans and Vulnerables Organizations (OVO) in Zambia by donating what you can to this worthy cause.'

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