Standing Order Section

If you would like to make a donation to our charity, please complete the standing order instruction below. The completed form can then be returned to Teresa Kelly, 2, Philpotstown, Balreask, Navan, Co. Meath or dropped in to your bank manager. A receipt will be sent to you in respect of donations received if you contact Teresa Kelly at the above address or by telephone at +353469029092 (Landline) or +353863946968 (Mobile). Your generosity is very much appreciated.

Standing Order Instructions

Forms for Tax Relief on Donations to Eligible Charities

There are 2 forms available depending on the donation type. Completion of these forms by the donor enables charities to receive an additional payment from the Revenue Commissioners in the case of donors who are taxpayers. This benefits the charity but does not cost the donor anything. It applies only in the case of annual donations of €250 or greater.

1. An Enduring Certificate (CHY3) is valid for a period of 5 years in respect of annual donations in excess of €250 (e.g. a single annual donation or monthly donation of €21 or more by standing order), unless you cancel it before the end of that period.

2. An Annual Certificate (CHY4) is completed in the case of donations in excess of €250 in any one year.

Accounts Section

Our charity is acutely aware of the need for transparency and of its responsibility to its donors. For this reason, we have chosen to publish full details of all transactions on our accounts. This allows a donor to check that any particular donation was lodged to the charity account.

  • Our Income and Expenditure Account provides a concise overview in respect of a particular year.
  • The Cash Flow Account provides details of individual movements on the accounts throughout each year. It shows lodgements of individual donations without divulging names of the donors. It also shows all other sources of income, such as amounts collected at each church gate collection and amounts received as grant aid towards community and educational projects.

Expenditure mostly consists of transfer of funds to Zambia. The Orphans and Vulnerables Organisation (OVO) Zambia provides us with detailed annual accounts in relation to how funding received by them is utilised in Zambia.

Income and Expenditure 2017
Cash Flow 2017
Income and Expenditure 2016
Cash Flow 2016
Income and Expenditure 2015
Cash Flow 2015
Income and Expenditure 2014
Cash Flow 2014
Income and Expenditure 2013
Cash Flow 2013
Income and Expenditure 2012
Cash Flow 2012
Income and Expenditure 2011
Cash Flow 2011
Income and Expenditure 2010
Cash Flow 2010
Income and Expenditure 2009

Constitution Section

Below is a copy of our constitution.

Spiritan Zambia Orphan Fund Constitution 2013

Annual Reports Section

Below are copies of our Annual Reports to date.

Annual Report 2014

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