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Update - 11th April 2014

The new community building at Chali is proving to be a great asset to the local people. They are very proud of their fine new building. Some community members walk or travel long distances on bicycles to learn about their basic human rights. The Parish Development Animator (Alpher Michelo) from the neighbouring diocese of Monze travels on her motorbike to “the most beautiful building in the village of Chali” once every week to educate the community on issues such as development, human rights, advocacy, gender-based violence etc. She uses the internal walls to display posters during her lectures. The local men and women are delighted to have the opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and learn together, guided by their facilitator. Sometimes, children attend with their parents and they look forward to the opportunity to play together. There is a need for a pre-school in Chali in order to prepare the children and to teach them the socialisation skills they will need in primary school. Until now, there was no suitable venue in the locality in which to set up a pre-school. The local people are now hoping to start one in the new Chali community building.

Chali Project Chali Project Chali Project Chali Project Chali Project Chali Project Chali Project Chali Project

Update - 25th March 2014

The Chali community is very proud of its new meeting place, which is now completed and painted. Latest pictures below. They send their thanks to An Garda Síochána.

Chali Project Chali Project Chali Project Chali Project Chali Project Chali Project Chali Project

Update - 25th August 2013

Chali Project Chali Project Chali Project Chali Project Chali Project

The plaque to thank the Garda Síochána was erected beside the entrance door of the new Chali Community building on 22nd August 2013 and is shown in the above photo which shows the building as it looks now. It is a great job, very solid. The building has been plastered externally. Paintwork will have to wait for the moment until adequate funds are raised to buy the paint. This is not an immediate priority in the minds of the people but it will need to be done.

We are very grateful to the local building contractor from Zimba, Mr Jerome Chica, who generously provided the labour for construction of the roof free of charge. The remaining work within the building will be completed by students from the Zimba Youth Development Centre who are due to return from their break the first week of September. Their work will be supervised by Mr Dean Namadula who is a qualified building instructor at the centre. They will carry out the internal wall plasterwork using sand which has been drawn by local people to the site for this purpose. They will also put the final surface finish on the concrete floor. It is hoped that this work will be completed within 4 to 6 weeks, i.e. by mid-October at the latest. The local people are very excited at the prospect of holding their first village meeting in the new centre on completion of the work.

Photos - Site in Progress

Chali Project Chali Project

To left: Mr Jerome Chica (far left) who constructed the roof free of charge.

To right: Parish Chairman, Mr Gabriel Banda (in check shirt).

Chali Project Chali Community Centre Photo

To left: Roofing done free by a Zimba parishoner builder contractor Mr Jerome Chica.

Chali Project Chali Project Chali Community Centre Photo Chali Community Centre Photo Chali Community Centre Photo Chali Community Centre Photo Chali Community Centre Photo Chali Community Centre Photo

A pictorial report on Chali Community and Multi-Purpose Building - 27th March 2013

You will see below the extent of the progress made to date on the new community building at Chali. The work is continuing and we will post further pictures as it gets closer to completion stage. A recent letter from Fr. Michael Walsh in relation to this project reads as follows:

'To the Garda Síochána, Ireland

On local standards, great progress has been made in the past 5 months on the Chali Community Multi-Purpose Building. Ever since the news of the hope of support through Garda Síochana funding, the local community got to work very seriously on a long cherished dream of having a permanent community structure. Church members, local headmen and women, together with community minded people, joined hands in working together on clearing the site, doing foundation digging, drawing of sand, stones, pit sand and gravel. The young men continue to work as assistants to the builders. Women are busy carrying laterite-gravel from a nearby pit, by head pans to fill the base for the floor, also doing other necessary work.

It was a wonderful sight, to see one day while at a meeting about the same building, an old man carrying a small sack of stones on his shoulder to the site. My regret was that I did not have a camera on that day to capture the scene.

Financial statement, expenditure to date and credit balance remaining enclosed. Much work remaining and not sure if balance will meet the need. For the present, a million thanks and great joy among the Chali community. The building is close to the Zimba to Nyawa road and much admired by passers by.

Yours sincerely in the Holy Spirit,

Michael Walsh C.S.Sp.'

Below are some pictures taken by Fr. Michael of the project progress to date:

Chali Community Centre Photo Chali Community Centre Photo

To left: New building being inspected by Parish Chairman and group.

To right: Another photo of the new building, taken from a different side.

Chali Community Centre Photo Chali Community Centre Photo

To left: Local contribution of sand and stones from the community, laboriously transported in containers balanced on head or in carts from river bed and gravel pit.

To right: Carting the bricks from the kiln site by donkey and cart.

Chali Community Centre Photo Chali Community Centre Photo

To left: The old meeting place collapses as the new one is being built.

To right: Large kiln in which the clay bricks were burnt. This was built by the community about two years ago in preparation for the Chali building project and it lay idle until funding became available recently.

Garda Third World Fund - Christmas 2012

The best Christmas surprise ever was the announcement that a grant from the Garda Third World Fund totalling €8200 had been approved for the construction of a new multi purpose community building at Chali near Zimba in Southern Province, Zambia. This building will replace a mud building which has had to be re-built every year as it was washed away during the rainy season. Construction has started and we will post photographs as soon as they are available. Many thanks to the Garda Síochána for their generosity.

The Chali project would have taken many years to build without the generous grant from the Garda Siochana as it could only have developed in stages as funding became available. Because of the extreme poverty, local fundraising in Zambia is a slow process and people are accustomed to waiting long periods for any works that require an injection of money.

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